Finding yourself among strangers. What a way to find yourself. What a way to be beside yourself. But that same self, never finds you. That beautiful haiku At the breaking of first breath. When introductions come with judgement and different concepts. And the smiles hold, But the tales they speak Are never more than skin deep. Similiar reasons, But almost always unique. When the hugs and the greetings Simply make you wonder. They feel like thunder When only shimmering stars are the lightning. How much of yourself do you give Or do you know, Upon this kindling. The trembling feeling…

Stuck between walls and pitfalls
with eggshells on floor surfaces,
Constantly trying to find the balance
while I aim to reach my purposes.
These goals, these uphill battles,
Searching for serenity in the silence as this 6x4 cage rattles
As these synapses infuse and battle, I breathe closer to

Titled, the arc of the arch rival — anxiety and doubt make nightmarish fellows. From the building blocks of Lego to the peace of staying mellow. One day, the shadow will catch up to me and extract my heart. Push out every last breath and twitch and echo from a…

I spit shit, Outta verse like Bukkake Get a whiff of your corporate bullshit la di da di Fuck a National Party, My colour true like white noise, Move swift like Black Noise, Strike like Cobra Defiant in poise, You bitches don’t even know the Half, Calculate your day to day just like math, Sun villainous like the Battle of Bath, Lose evil from skin quick, My Ramadaan Fast So switch quick past All the definitions, Past all the fractions and all the cerebellums, I practise on the level that you playing on Beat your bass across the face You…


photo: Athii Mtongana

So near, so far
So what!!
So many states,
President’s supposed to inspire hope
Instead Economics rupture like earthquakes.
Not even a tremor,
Hashtag this News remember,
Same shit different day.
This quasi leader,
more like Quasimodo.
Intellect and introspect
flipping birds adjusting specs,
laughter follow
Rand set to free fall, so what then though?
Bakers tryna make dough,
Haters tryna escape the shade in Feb
Burn like Gono.
Zupta might as well be Gonzo.

I repeat, I do not follow.

This institution you refer to as royalty. Supposed to set my people free, Like Mandela did with…

Shinji Akhirah

artist | illustrator | designer | wordsmith | coffee lover | afrosapien | beat junkie

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